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New license plate registration

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Required documents
  • Original copy of national I.D. card (or military services I.D. card or alien residence permit) and seal (in individual’s name); official letters issued by the competent authority for the approval of the company’s or establishment’s registration (please enclose the registration form if it is a company) or registration certificate issued by the competent authority for the company’s or the establishment’s and seal (in the company’s name).
  • Two copies of the new license plate registration application form (with seals affixed).
  • Manufacturer or import certificate.
  • Commodity tax payment certificate.
  • Unified invoice.
  • Compulsory automobile liability insurance certificate (its validity should be more than 30 days).
  • For controlled vehicles, please submit the proof of completion of the anti-theft identification code. (Please refer to Notes No.6 for relevant regulations.)
  • Inspection fee:
    Large vehicle (including tractor): NT$ 600
    Small vehicle: NT$450
    Trailer: NT$450
    Motorcycle: NT$200
  • License plate fee:
    Automobile: NT$600
    Motorcycles with a cubic capacity not exceeding 550 cm³: NT$300
    Motorcycles with a cubic capacity exceeding 550 cm³: NT$400
    Trailer: NT$400
  • Vehicle registration fee:
    Automobile: NT$200
    Motorcycle: NT$150
    Trailer: NT$200
  • Companies and establishments that submit photocopies of  the above documents for verification must provide a copy of the latest business tax payment certificate.
  • Vehicle license tax and fuel fee shall be paid at the same time when applying for vehicle registration plate.
  • For owners less than 18 years old, please bring a legal guardian’s original ID card and a letter of consent signed by the legal guardian.
  • For controlled vehicles, please contact supervision unit for inquiry.
  • According to the provision in Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act, no vehicle registration plate shall be issued if the validity of the compulsory automobile liability insurance certificate is less than 30 days.
  • Anti-theft identification code completion certificate attached to specific components on vehicles that is provided by vehicle manufacturer, agent or importer and approved by Ministry of the Interior must be submitted for ordinary heavy and light motorcycles from January 1st, 2007 as well as for small passenger vehicles, passenger-cargo vehicles, small trucks (no anti-theft identification code will be required for those shipped out in chassis mode), and large heavy motorcycles from October 1st, 2007. The starting of the implementation date for above is as below:
    1)Made domestically: It will be based on the date of production.
    2)Imported: It is based on the shipment date (exporting date).
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