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Privacy Policy

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Welcome to visit the “Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office Website” (hereinafter “the Website”). To ensure you can rest assured to browse the service and information provided by the Website, it is particularly illustrated the privacy policies of the websites. Please carefully read the following contents in order to protect your rights:

  1. The Scopes of the Privacy Protection Policy

    Your personal details and identifications collected by the Website are included in the contents of the Privacy Protection Policy. However, the Privacy Protection Policy IS NOT applied to the other relevant links from the Website as well as the unauthorized personnel.

  2. The Collection and Utilization of Personal Information
    1. Depend on the affairs you want to do, we will ask you for providing your personal information when you are visiting the Website or participating any campaign hold by the Website. We promise that we will make use of your personal information only for the specific purpose. In addition, we will NEVER utilize the information for other use unless we obtain your permission documents.
    2. You can use “Service Mail Box” to have an online feedback to KMVO. Once you would like to utilize this service, we will ask you for providing your personal details such as your name, contact phone number, e-mail address, contact address, number of license plate, number of driving license, and etc. in order to offer you a further service.
    3. The server will automatically storage the actions of your browsing including the IP address of your connected equipment, time used, type of web browsers, and the associated browsing records as a reference to improve our services of the Website. In addition, the records will only be used for the internal research and NEVER release to the public.
    4. To precisely provide the services, we will conduct the statistical analysis by the results of collected questionnaires. In addition to internal research, the associated statistical results and explanations will be released if it is necessary. We promise the released documents will NEVER be involved with any specific personal information.
  3. The Protection of Data
    1. Firewalls, Anti-Virus System and other relevant information security facilities and systems are equipped with the servers to protect the Website and your personal details. All the security systems are strictly protected at the highest level. Only authorized staffs can access your personal information and all of them are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). For those who has violated the NDA, he or she will bear the legal liabilities and punishments.
    2. The Website will strictly comply with the obligations of confidentiality and executive the inspection processes to ensure the obligations are followed if there has any data access requirement.
  4. External Links on the Websites

    The Website provides couples of external links on the pages for every browser to click the other websites that you might be interested. However, the scope of the Privacy Protection Policy of the Website DOES NOT include the other linked websites. Please refer to the privacy protection policies of the linked websites when you click the external links.

  5. The Policy of Sharing Personal Details to the Third Party
    1. The Website will NEVER provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your to any individual, group, private enterprise or governmental association. However, those who have legal basis or contractual obligation are not included in this policy.
    2. This policy will NOT be applied if the following situations have achieved.
      1. You submit your permission documents.
      2. The courts announce the legal stipulations.
      3. Be involved with the protections the national security or the improvements of the public benefits.
      4. Be involved with your life, body, freedom or financial security.
      5. Based on the public benefits, the statistical analysis or academic research conducted by the governmental associations or academic institutes is necessary. However, we will strictly make sure all the information are processed and cannot be identified in order to protect the data owner.
      6. When your actions in the technical service center violate the service regulations, impede the benefits of the center or cause anyone suffer damages, the technical service center will disclose your personal details in order to identify, communicate or carry out the legal actions.
      7. For your personal rights and benefits.
  6. The Use of Cookies

    In order to provide personalized service, we will use cookies technology to save and trace the data left by users in a particular period. Cookies are little pieces of information sent from our official website to your browser and stored in the users’ computer. The users can use the “Advanced” “Setup” in Netscape or the “Security” in “Option” of Internet Explorer to adjust your degree of acceptance, including whether to "accept all Cookies".to "inform me when receiving Cookies", or to "refuse all Cookies". If you choose to refuse all Cookies, you may not enjoy personalized service or be able to participate in some of the activities.

  7. Amendments to the Privacy Protection Policy

    The Privacy Protection Policy of the Website might be amended as required. The amended regulations will be published on the Website.

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