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Notes for Vehicle Drivers’ Road Test

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Regulations for written exam and road test of vehicle and motorcycle driving licenses:
  • Applicants who participate in written exam or road test for vehicle and motorcycle driving licenses shall follow the regulations below. If there is any violation, the examiner or test administrator is entitled to reject the applicant participates in the exam or test.
  • Please bring driving license registration form, proof of learning experience, I.D. card or other relevant documents (including a photo) with you for verification. Applicants shall participate in the test at the specified time.
  • Bare feet, naked, and wearing clogs are not allowed.
  • No smoking, chewing betel nuts, drinking and using drugs, narcotic or stimulant.
  • When applying for driving license test, no refund request will be granted for missing the test if there is no objection at the testing time during the registration.
  • Please make sure you are clear with the standard of point deduction on the testing items as well as the circulation of test.
  • For the purpose of testing  dispute and evidence for accident, the whole process of the test will be recorded.
  • Road test will only start after the applicant signs on the evaluation sheet of road test.
  • When the point deduction has accumulated more than 30 points during the field test or road test and the applicant is informed by the examiner of failure and the termination of the test, the applicant shall park the car in a safe place or a safe place on the side of the road as well as get off the car and sit on the back seat.
  • No fraud and insulting or bribing the examiner or test administrator or the testing unit.
  • Applicants who participate in road test shall complete the items for road test according to law as well as take responsibility to the driving behavior. Examiners are only responsible for assessment and are not obliged to tutor applicants’ driving behavior.
Road Test Video :
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