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Organization Chart

The following explains The Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles office includes: five sections (Vehicle Management, Driver's Licenses, Transportation Management, Planning and Vehicle Penalty Section, Motor vehicle Information Section ) four offices ( Accounting and Statistics, Secretariat, Personnel, Civil Service Ethics) ,three stations(Pingtung,Taitung,Penghu) and one substation(Hengchun), and Pingtung and Penghu ,Traffic Accident Investigation Association .

Organization Staff Agencies
Staff Agencies
 Director  Oversee the Office's operation.
 Deputy director   Assist Director deal with the Office's operation. 
 Vehicle Management Section In charge of motor vehicle inspection,Vehicle Loan Registration and Cancellation, vehicle registration,license registration.
Driver's Licenses Section In charge of ordinary and professional driver's license testing and issuing services, supervising drivers license training schools . Also in charge of administrating safety classes for drives.
Transportation Management Section Responsible for administrating public & private transportation business services.
Planning and Vehicle Penalty Section Responsible for motor vehicle fees ,processing and collecting property and fuel fee.Handling private vehicle traffic violation fine and related task.
Motor Vehicle Information Section In charge of computer KMVS internal operation and data processing ,also provide operation and maintaince of computer system.
Accounting Office Handling annual budgeting accounting and statistical task.
Secretariat In charge of office supply ,cashier and daily operational needs.
Personnel Office In charge of personnel affair.
Civil Service Ethics Office Handle the business of Civil Service Ethics.
 Pingtung and Penghu ,Traffic Accident Investigation Association Vehicle accident identification.
Visitors: 1685 Update Date: 111-11-11 Maintenance Unit: Personnel Office, Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office