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Location & Transportation

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Bus guide
Bus guide
Bus NO. & Stop Bus Route Dynamic Bus Information
100 Rueifeng Station-Koashiung Train Link Link
81 Rueifong Station→Da Chang 2nd Rdt Link Link

City Real_Time Bus Arrival Information System

  1. linkhttps://ibus.tbkc.gov.tw/ibus/driving-map
  2. E-Bus
  3. General Line
  4. choose 100 or 81
Visiting KMVO by bus:Visiting KMVO by bus:
  1. Kaohsiung City bus – Route Nb. 100 :
    Please get off the bus at the stop of “Railway Material Plant” and have a about 5 mins walk to KMVO.
  2. Kaohsiung City bus – Route Nb. 81 :
    Please get off the bus at the stop of “Motor Vehicle Office”.
driving carsVisiting KMVO by driving cars from Sun Yat-sen Freeway
(National Highway No. 1):
  1. Northbound:
    Take the exit of Sanduo Interchange and turn left to Sanduo 1st Road. And then turn left onto Wuying Road about a 2 km drive.
  2. Southbound:
    Take exit of Chiang Kai-shek Interchange for Zhongzheng 1st Road and continue onto Wuying Road about a 2 km drive.

Please refer to the following link to obtain the road map of KMVO.

MRTMRT Information:

KMVO is located nearby the Martial Arts Stadium (Orange line) and the Exit No.3 is about 2 km away from it (Heading to Wuying Road).


Free parking is available in KMVO. There are 150 lots of automobile, and 270 lots of motorcycle. Both of the lots have 4 parking places for physically challenged, respectively.

Visitors: 1546 Update Date: 111-05-31 Maintenance Unit: Secretariat, Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office