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Security Policy

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“Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office Website” (hereinafter “the Website”) specifically complies with “The Regulation on Electronic Processing of Personal Data Protection”, for the protection of the Website’s data and your personal details. The implements of the following Website Security Policy is to state the security policies of the Website.

  1. The scope of the Policy

    The following Website Security Policy is applicable to the collection, utilization, and protection of personal data when you are browsing the Website; however, the other linked websites are not suitable to the policy. Therefore, once you click the link to other websites, the website security policies of that website are applied.

  2. The limitation of Data Access
    1. Prescribe the policy of system data access and authorization, and notify the relevant authority and responsibility to the staff and users by the means of paper or online document, or other forms of announcement.
    2. Establish a sign-up management policy and enhance the passwords management of system users.
    3. In order to guarantee the system security, it is not allowed for the service venders to repairing system by remote login and control.
    4. Establish an information security auditing system to examine the information security.
  3. The Website Security Procedures and Regulations

    Any unauthorized action to intentionally upload or modify information and services provided by the motor vehicles office is strictly prohibited and might be against the law. In order to achieve website security and ensure uninterrupted services to all internet users, the following security protection measures of the Website are addressed.

    1. Utilize an internet intrusion detecting system and monitor the internet traffic to prevent the Website from internet attacking and provide a warning message.
    2.  Establish a firewall to prevent from illegal usage like unauthorized invasion, damage or data stolen to protect your rights and interests.
    3. Ensure a safer internet browsing environment to all users by conducting regular virus scans of installed anti-virus software.
    4. Perform a regular scans of hacker attacks to examine the system leakages and conduct an immediately repair.
    5. Any classified and sensitive data or documents shall not be stored in the public data system. Especially, the classified documents are not suggested to send by e-mail.
    6. Establish a system backup facility to periodically perform the necessary data, software backup and stand-by operations as needed.
    7. Automatically receive all security maintenance notifications from all relevant operation system and program vendors to install the appropriate Patches in accordance to the recommendations.
    8. It is hard to guarantee the internet data transmission is 100 percent security; however, the Website will strive to protect the safety of personal details and itself. A standard SSL security system is offered to ensure the security of data transmission. Nevertheless, the process of data transmission is dependent on your personal internet environment. We cannot guarantee the security of delivering and receiving data from the Website. As a result, please have your understanding that not all the consequences of the operations in the Website are controllable.

Owing to the rapid advance in technology, the unfinished implementation of relevant regulations and the other unforeseeable environmental changes, the modifications of internet security policy are adjustable to ensure the purposes of internet security protection. Once the policies are completed, we will immediately publish the latest policies on the Website with noticeable instructions for your reference. Any doubts and comments involved with the above statements, it is welcome to contact us via the listed information on the Website.

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