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Vehicle Disposal

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Required documents
  • Vehicle registration certificate.
  • License plate: Two vehicle plates, one motorcycle plate, or two plates for heavy motorcycle with a cubic capacity exceeding 550 cm³. (In the case of a stolen vehicle plate, please submit proof of the stolen vehicle plate issued by the police.)
  • Original copy of vehicle owner’s national I.D. card (or military services I.D. card or alien residence permit) and seal (in individual’s name); official letters issued by the competent authority for the approval of the company’s or establishment’s registration (please enclose the registration form if it is a company) or registration certificate issued by the competent authority for the company’s or the establishment’s and seal (in the company’s name).
  • New vehicle license plate registration form (not applicable to small automobiles and motorcycles).
  •  Companies and establishments that submit photocopies of the above documents for verification must provide a copy of the latest business tax payment certificate.
  • Any outstanding vehicle license taxes or fuel taxes shall be paid off first. (If the payment has been made within the past two months, please submit the receipt.)
  • After the vehicle is disposed of, the owner shall not apply for the license plate registration again.
  • If there is any damage on vehicle engine, chassis, electronic system, and vehicle door, it should be suspended from driving for repairing and maintenance. Please apply for suspension of use if it is not able to be repaired.
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