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Information Related to Road Driving Test

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Reasons for road test:
  • Road test on the actual road is the testing method used by many countries. The current field driving test method used in our country brings up the fact that some drivers are still lack of the confidence in driving on road after passing the test and obtaining the license. In order to improve automobile driving license test system, we add a road test to the current small vehicle driving license test system. Other than using static field to simulate the condition on the road, we also ask drivers to drive on the actual road for the dynamic road situation. The purpose is to help the learner to focus on learning relevant driving knowledge in order to enhance drivers’ driving skills, develop correct driving habits, reducing road traffic accidents, and advance traffic safety.
  • The important items for point deduction during road test include paying attention on whether there is any person or vehicle going passes  from the side rear part of the vehicle before opening the door for getting on and getting off the car, whether seat belt is fastened according to the rule, whether the turn signal is used before starting to drive, or whether the driver turns the head to look out the obstacle or passing vehicles or passengers in front of, back of, left side or right side of the car. These are critical driving behaviors that affect road safety, and the failure of drivers’ attention on these usually causes accidents. Therefore, the standards used for point deduction on these relevant violations have been enhanced during the current road test in order to make sure drivers develop correct safe driving concepts and habits through the test.
Process of applying for small vehicle driving license:
  • According to the regulations, people who apply for small vehicle driving license must pass written exam first before participating in road test (field test and actual road test). Please contact the local supervision authority for the relevant test schedule.
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