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Vehicle Transfer

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Required documents
  • Original new license plate registration. (If the form is lost, it can be reissued upon application).
  • Original copy of national I.D. card from both the buyer and the seller (or military service I.D. card or alien residence permit). (In individual’s name: Please submit two forms of I.D. for verification if it is entrusted to the any person that is not working in the commissioned vehicle trading industry. Please refer to Notes. In company’s name, please submit official letters issued by the competent authority for the approval of the company’s or establishment’s registration (please enclose the registration form if it is a company) or registration certificate issued by the competent authority for the company’s or the establishment’s.)
  • Vehicle registration certificate.
  • Compulsory automobile liability insurance certificate provided by the new owner (the validity should be more than 30 days, and please deal with the change procedure at the insurance company or take new insurance policy.)
  • Vehicle transfer registration form with seals affixed by both parties.
  • NT$200.
  • Companies and establishments that submit photocopies of above the documents for verification must provide a copy of the latest business tax payment certificate.
  • Any outstanding fines, taxes and vehicle license tax penalty should be paid off first as well as the tax payment of the year. (If the payment has been made within the past two months, please submit the receipt.)
  • If the vehicle has not been inspected by the deadline, applicants shall first carry out vehicle inspection.
  • Temporary inspections shall be carried out at the Motor Vehicles Office for vehicles that were manufactured more than 10 (included) years when dealing with transfer.
  • In case of movable property as a guarantee, the applicant shall first apply to cancel registration.
  • Transfer of the vehicle handed over by the court should use the Motor Vehicles Office in the debtor’s household registration as the venue.
  • According to the provision in the Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act, no transfer registration can be carried out if the validity of the insurance certificate is less than 30 days. Please contact Competent Section if there is any question.
  • If the transfer is entrusted to anyone who is not working in the vehicle trading industry, please submit the entrusted person’s I.D. card and vehicle owners’ valid driving license or national health insurance cards or passports (including the buyer’s and the seller’s) other than the required documents above. However, notarized documents by the court or private notary publics can be used to replace vehicle owners’ valid driving license or national health insurance cards or passports.
  • Please visit “Highway Electronic Toll Collection Web” for the change of eTag due to vehicle transfer.
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