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Revocation of License Plate

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Required documents
  • Original new license plate registration form.
  • Original copy of vehicle owner’s national I.D. card (or military services I.D. card or alien residence permit) and seal (in individual’s name); official letters issued by the competent authority for the approval of the company’s or establishment’s registration (please enclose the registration form if it is a company) or registration certificate issued by the competent authority for the company’s or the establishment’s and seal (in the company’s name).
  • Vehicle registration certificate.
  • License plate: Two vehicle plates, one motorcycle plate, or two plates for large heavy motorcycle with a cubic capacity exceeding 550 cm³.
  •  Companies and establishments that submit photocopies of the bove documents for verification must provide a copy of the latest business tax payment certificate.
  • Any outstanding fines and taxes should be paid off first (If the payment has been made within the past two months, please submit the receipt).
  • Proof of police report filing should be enclosed if the vehicle is stolen (the vehicle license tax should be paid to the day before the stolen date and fuel tax should be paid to the day before the stolen date.)
  • For revocation against vehicle ownership transferring resistance, it can be handled through announcement on the newspaper. The procedure can be dealt with by submitting the newspaper or delivered legal attest little through the post office after seven days.
  • Certificate issued by the auction will be required if the vehicle license plate is incomplete on the auctioned vehicle.
  • For the revocation due to the death of the vehicle owner’s, please submit death certificate or full-house Household Registration Transcript as well as court certificate, estate tax payment certificate or tax exemption certificate, and the successor’s original I.D. card for application.
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