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Charging Standards at Driving Schools

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  • Charging standards for general heavy motorcycle training at public and private automobile drivers training institutions (excluding handling charge):
    The upper limit is NT$3700 and lower limit is NT$2800.
  • Large heavy motorcycle training fee (excluding handling charge):
    The upper limit is NT$7500 and lower limit is NT$5600.
  • Training fee for small vehicle, large passenger vehicle, truck, trailer, and small vehicle with trailer (excluding handling charge):
    The upper limit is NT$13000 (NT$13500 in Taipei City and Kaohsiung City) and the lower limit is NT$8000 (NT$9000 in Taipei City). In addition, the training fee for small vehicle directly upgrades to large passenger vehicle is upper limit NT$14500 and lower limit NT$8000.
  • The above proposal was approved and filed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications on November 22nd, 2006 in official letter Chiao Lu Zi Di No. 0950058889.
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