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Suspension of Use

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Required documents
  • Vehicle owner’s identity document:
    A.Individual: Original national I.D. card (or military service I.D. card or alien residence permit).
    B.Company or establishment: Official document for approval of company or establishment registration (including company registration form) issued by a competent authority or certificate of company registration issued by a competent authority and unified business number issued by a taxing authority. In case of copied proof documents, a copy of the latest receipt of business tax payment shall be submitted as well.
    C.Institution, school, or association: The original proof document of the institution, school, or association, and the unified business number issued by a taxing authority.
    D.Professional practitioner: A copy of the professional practitioner’s ID card, proof of business practice or proof documents issued by the trade union, and notice of the unified business number.
  • Owner’s seal.
  • Vehicle registration certificate.
  • Two vehicle license plates.
  • Free.
  • A fine in the amount of NT$900 for private vehicles and NT$1,300 for commercial vehicles will be imposed for inspections that are late by more than one month.
  • Any outstanding vehicle license taxes or fuel taxes shall be paid off first. (If the payment has been made within the past one month, please submit the receipt.)
  • Suspension of use shall not exceed one year, and any vehicle that is suspended of use for more than one year will be directly revoked its vehicle license plate as the punishment.
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