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Reciprocity on Driving License with Our Reciprocal Countries

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  1. Please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) first if our nationals have the demand in driving private transportation tool in our reciprocal countries or regions.
  2. According to the  International Convention on Road Traffic from United Nations, international driving permits are with the characteristics of official driving license translation. It is suggested that domestic driving license and international driving permit shall be prepared when our nationals go abroad. It will help the local police or car rental companies understand the content of the driving license and facilitate the use of vehicle locally.
  3. From July 1st, 2013, the general automobile driving licenses and motorcycle driving licenses held by our nationals will be continuous valid after expiration date without needing to renewal the license. However, in order to avoid the overdue expiration on the driving license might cause the problem of using when our nationals go abroad, it is suggested that nationals should evaluate the expiration date on the driving license during going abroad and renew the driving license and apply for international driving permit to avoid the inconvenience during abroad.
  4. Drivers who hold the international driving permit issued by foreign countries are not exempted from the test for exchanging for the driving license in our country. Only drivers who hold valid international driving permit issues by our reciprocal countries and will stay in our country for less than 30 days can be waived from the visa for driving vehicles. If the stay is more than 30 days, please submit international driving permit visa application form to our highway supervision authority to apply for a visa. The period of visa for the  international driving permit is one year the maximum. If the validity of  the original license or the staying permit is less than one year, the first expiration date will prevail. Driving vehicle will not be allowed when overdue.
Visitors: 340 Update Date: 111-07-19 Maintenance Unit: Driver's Licenses Section, Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office