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Reissuance of License Plate

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Vehicle type:
From January 1st, 2013, the certificate for the following vehicles is exempted from renewal:
  • Vehicle registration certificate for private automobiles except school bus, children-only bus, and ambulance.
  • Registration certificate for motorcycles.
  • Private trailer permit.
Required documents
  • Original vehicle registration certificate.
  • Compulsory automobile liability insurance certificate (with validity more than 30 days).      
  • NT$200 for automobile.
  • Any outstanding fines and taxes should be paid off first (If the payment has been made within the past two months, please submit the receipt). (Vehicle license tax will be based on advising for payment.)
  • If the vehicle has not been inspected by the deadline, applicants shall first carry out vehicle inspection.
  • According to the provision of Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act, no vehicle registration certificate will be renewed if the validity of compulsory automobile liability certificate is less than 30 days.
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